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Friday, January 21, 2011


Please say Hello to our newest addition, Sylvester

Good Morning Sylvester!

Hello Martina, now be nice!

The birth of a new calf always amazes me.  The baby is conceived and this tiny thing is nurtured inside its mother for 9 months.  The baby is born, it instinctively takes a breath, he snorts the mucus out of its own nose. How does it know to do this?  The mother immediately goes to work cleaning the baby and nudging it to its feet.  The baby walks wobbly to the udder and after a few tries he latches on and begins to feed.  The mother continues her due diligence with cleaning and nurturing the little calf.  Instinctively she is protective and puts herself between us and her new little miracle.  It warms my heart to see mother and baby, I give thanks to God, he is the only one who deserve the credit and praise.  This is Gods’ work, no doubt about it! 

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