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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at the Mosier's 2010

Wow!  Not sure where to begin.  Jeremy, Sarah and baby Kasen arrived on the 22nd, and stayed with us for a couple of nights.  Cassie arrived from St Louis on the morning of the 24th. It was good to have the house filled up and some energy here.  We celebrated CHRISTmas on Christmas Eve.  PaPa Bears parents came over in spite of the a serious snow storm and a stern recommendation that they turn around and head back home while it was still daylight.  PaPa Bear was called out to plow snow so he missed all of the festivities at home, and the Childrens Christmas program at the church.  Which by the way, Rylee and Beckett did a fabulous job!. Josh and Brooke brought over the video last night so he could see the grandkids open presents.

I am missing my dad more this year than ever.  We have a new baby in the family and so much has happened since he passed away.  I wish I could just talk with him one more time.  I have been very sentimental with the festivities.  The vintage felt stockings, I made with the grandkids this year.  I've knitted slippers; we used to get a new pair every year from my grandmother and great aunt.
I gave the kids a bit of their past for Christmas this year, since they are no longer babies.

However....They will always be my babies!
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