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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kitchener Stitch Rhyme

I am one that dreads the kitchener stitch. I have found that rhymes and songs usually help me remember directions that I hate.  This one is posted on Nelkin Designs.

Go into the first stitch on the FRONT needle as if to PURL, pull the yarn up and leave it on the needle.
Go into the first stitch on the BACK needle as if to KNIT, pull the yarn up and leave the stitch ON the needle.

Now begin grafting:

FRONT: KNIT OFF — knit first st on front needle, drop st off
FRONT: PURL ON — purl next st on front needle, leave st on
BACK: PURL OFF — purl first st on back needle, drop st off
BACK: KNIT ON — knit next st on back needle, leave st on

Here is also a video tutorial:
KnitPicks Kitchener Stitch Video Tutorial

Good Luck!!

UPDATED: 07/20/2017
Thank you Puffy Jo for the heads up on my error. This is why I love the knitting and crocheting community. Everyone is so helpful and willing to share their knowledge.