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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rounded Heel Knitted Slipper Pattern

This pattern has evolved from other knitted flat slipper patterns.  The original slipper pattern can be found on Peppermint Mocha Mama's blog.

2 skeins of worsted weight yarn
Size 7US knitting needles
Darning needle

**You will be knitting with 2 strands of yarn held together throughout the pattern.
**Always slip the first stitch in every row as if to purl, this makes a nice edge.
**Tutorial for Kf&b by Very Pink Knits

Cast on 25 stitches (Leave a long tail to sew up heel of slipper)

Rounded Heel
Row 1: sl1, Knit across
Row 2: sl1, K10, Kf&b1, K1, Kf&b1, K11 (27sts)
Row 3: sl1, Knit across
Row 4: sl1, K10, Kf&b1, K3, Kf&b1, K11 (29sts)
Row 5: sl1, Knit across
Row 6: sl1, K10, Kf&b1, K5, Kf&b1, K11 (31sts)
Row 7: sl1, Knit across
Row 8: sl1, K10, Kf&b1, K7, Kf&b1, K11 (33sts)
Row 9: sl1, Knit across

Row 10: sl1, K10, P1, K9, P1, K11
Row 11: Sl1, Knit across

Repeat Rows 10 & 11 - 10 times (total of 31 rows, ending with Row 31)

Body of Slipper
Row 32: Sl1, *P1, K1*
Row 33: Sl1, Knit across

Repeat Row 32 & 33 until you reach the length you want.
(at this point if you wish to avoid seaming, you can knit in the round)

HINT: For my size 9(US) ladies foot, I knit a total of 61 rows before I started my decrease rows.

Decreasing the Toe
Row 1: Sl1, *P2tog, P1*
Row 2: Sl1, *K2tog, K1*
Row 3: P2tog across to the end

Leave a long tail and cut yarn. Using a darning needle, run the yarn back thru, picking the yarn off the needle. Pull tight, this will form a circle at the end of the toe. Turn the slipper inside out and proceed to sew up the top of the slipper, stop at the change in pattern and tie off.

Fold the slipper in half and with the long tail from the cast on, sew up the heel.

Turn the slipper right side out. Make a pom, pom and attach. You may also add Dimensional paint to the bottom of the slipper to enhance traction.


If you find any mistakes or have any comments, please let me know.
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