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Monday, January 30, 2012

Knitted Chevron (ripple) Afghan

Chevron Ripple Afghan
CO multiple of 15sts plus 4. 
Size 9US cabled knitting needles
(my gauge is 5 stitches = 1 inch)
for a baby afghan or lap blanket (36" wide) I cast on 184 stitches

Row 1   K2, *K1f&b, k5, sl1 (knitwise), k2tog, psso, k5, k1f&b* (repeat from * to * to the last 2 sts) K2

Row 2    Knit

Repeat Row 1 and 2 until you reach the length that you want.

BO after row 1

I use this pattern as a stash buster, so I do not have accurate yardage, however here is a link that can get you close.

**If you wish to alternate colors always change colors on Row 1. The afghan pictured has alternating stripes after 10 rows.

**Optional tip: I always slip the first stitch, as if to purl, at the beginning of every row. This makes a very nice smooth edge.

**If you are new to the chevron pattern, in order to keep your place, I put a marker every so often in between the last k1f&b and the first k1f&b.  If I get to this place and I am 'off' it is easier to fix immediately.

**Tutorial for K1f&b  This is an excellent video tutorial by Knit Witch on youtube that demonstrates K1f&b.

**Tutorial for PSSO This is an excellent video tutorial by VeryPinkKnits on youtube that demostrates PSSO