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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Chicks

I am so spoiled, my entire life has been spent on the farm.  I first was a farmers daughter, granddaughter and have been a farmwife for 30+ years.  Because of this lifestyle I have grown accustomed to several things, one includes homegrown farm fresh food.  In particular, I have a hard time eating any meat we purchase from the grocery store......well.....I won't buy beef, pork, or chicken at the grocery store, period.  If we don't have a supply of 'home-grown' we will purchase our meat from the local locker plant.   We just received our shipment of baby chicks, 11 Buff Orphingtons which will continue to lay eggs, even in the winter and 41 Rhode Island Reds, that we will butcher at the end of the summer.  There is nothing better than farm fresh eggs!   McMurray Hatchery also included with our order a 'special' chick.  I believe it is a Partridge Cochins.  For now we have them all settled in with a heat lamp, food, and water.  They have settled down over the past couple of days and so far we haven't lost any chicks. Praise the Lord!

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